Best Calcium Supplements in Canada, As of 2024

We all have become so busy that a nutritious diet has taken a back seat. But there is one mineral that we must always pay attention to: calcium

The integrity and health of your bones depend on calcium. Not only does it fortify your bones, but calcium also plays a pivotal role in muscular functioning, blood clotting, and nervous activity. Dietary sources of calcium such as dairy, nuts, and leafy vegetables might be sufficient for most people. Still, a supplement may be necessary for those who are deficient and need more support. But, choosing the best calcium supplement in Canada could be difficult if you are unsure about the market.

Don't fret. Below are some top recommendations for calcium supplements, your suggested calcium intake, and tips for choosing the right supplement.

Enjoy Strong Bones All Your Life: Buy the Best Calcium Supplements in Canada

iCare Naturals iBone Plus:


iCare Naturals has set a new benchmark for multivitamins in Canada by offering premium-quality supplements based on your needs. 

iBone Plus from iCare Naturals contains all the essential minerals and vitamins your body and joints need for normal functioning. To aid with bone strength, mobility, and prevention of osteoporosis, iBone Plus contains minerals and vitamins, including zinc, copper, magnesium, vitamin D3, and calcium. The best part? iCare offers a Boney Bundle with iBone Plus and vitamin D3 to provide a fulfilling experience. 

Citracal Maximum Plus:

Citrical's Maximum Plus supplement is rich in vitamins and minerals, consisting of calcium, zinc, sodium, manganese, copper, and vitamin D. Citracal has an excellent reputation for producing high-end multivitamins. The best part about Citracal Maximum Plus is that it fulfills the daily required dosage of calcium in the body. This multivitamin comes in two types of bottles, including either 120 or 180 tablets.

iCare Naturals Bone Plus Multivitamin for Bone, Hair, Skin and Nails:

iCare uses facilities approved by the FDA and adheres to the best industry manufacturing practices to constantly meet or exceed expectations for quality. 

Bone Plus Multivitamin from iCare Naturals aids in preserving healthy and strong bones. This multivitamin is a meticulously crafted supplement containing all the vital minerals and vitamins, including zinc, copper, magnesium, vitamin D3, and calcium, to fill in the inadequacies compromising optimum bone health. Bone Plus Multivitamin shall enhance the production of red blood cells, promote normal muscular function, aid in tissue and bone development, and boost energy metabolism.

Jameison Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D3:

As with Jamieson's supplements, this calcium, magnesium + vitamin D3 blend is a well-respected multivitamin throughout Canada. The supplement's well-rounded mix of minerals promotes healthy bones, strong muscles, and general well-being.

Now Calcium Citrate:

Now Calcium Citrate Tablets come with calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, and vitamin D2 per serving. These supplementary components are integral to bone metabolism and healthy life, thus included with calcium. Not only is this multivitamin third-party tested, but it is also best suited for vegetarians. Now's Calcium Citrate comes in two bottles (100 and 250); you may purchase whichever you like.

Expert Insights: Suggested Calcium Intake

The standard dosage of calcium that should be consumed daily differs for individuals based on their age, gender, and if they are nursing or pregnant. Anyhow, the typical calcium dosage, as suggested by doctors, is as follows.

Age 19-50 years = 1000 mg daily

Age 51-70 years = 1000 mg for males, 1200 mg for females

Age 71 years and above = 1200 mg daily

How to Choose the Right Calcium Supplement: Some Tips


In addition to purchasing supplements from a trustworthy manufacturer, it is wise to seek out items tested for originality and effectiveness, preferably by an independent third-party lab.

Type of calcium:

Contrary to other types of calcium, calcium carbonate is easily accessible, less expensive, and contains a higher calcium content. However, this type of calcium may cause bloating and gastric instability. On the other hand, despite its higher price tag, calcium citrate is far more accessible for the body to absorb. So, choose the calcium type that best suits your needs. 


Check the ingredients label carefully and steer clear of calcium supplements that have a lot of fillers, sweeteners, or preservatives. It is good to buy a calcium supplement with Vitamin D as calcium absorption can be optimized by adding substances like vitamin D.


Even though the average adult needs 1,000-1,300 mg of calcium daily, taking a 200-500 mg supplement should be sufficient to keep the deficiency at bay. However, people with specific dietary needs or medical problems may require a higher dose. So, it is best to consult a doctor for your prescribed calcium dosage.

Final Verdict:

Nothing beats calcium for strong bones. The rule of thumb is to get most of your calcium from the diet, but some people need to take a nutritious diet, and that's where taking a supplement plays a part. The many calcium supplements available today differ in terms of the kind of calcium they include, key ingredients, amount of calcium per dosage, and many other factors. Pay close attention to these details and seek out calcium supplements that third-party labs have tested to certify and guarantee the best quality.

Invest in Your Bone Health and Choose Wisely: Get Unmatched Calcium Supplements in Canada at iCare Naturals.

For optimal health and strong bones, selecting the best company for calcium supplements, like iCare Naturals, is crucial. Priorities quality over quantity, certification, and your unique health needs when choosing a supplement, whether as a combination supplement with additional nutrients or just a simple calcium carbonate tablet. 


We at iCare know how critical healthy bones are for fulfilling and active lives. We provide a carefully chosen assortment of calcium supplements such as iBone Plus, Multivitamins for Bones/Skin/Hair/Nails, and more to cater to your body's needs. If you're looking for the best calcium supplement in Canada, go no further than iCare Naturals. Investing in your health and energy will last a lifetime, and no compromise should be made. Shop with assurance and enjoy your bone health fully with iCare's calcium supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you take calcium carbonate for best absorption?

Calcium carbonate should be taken with a meal for best absorption. The body absorbs calcium carbonate with gastric acid produced during digestion. Doctors suggest taking calcium in smaller amounts for the best results.

Which foods halt calcium absorption?

ome fibers, like wheat bran, and foods containing oxalic acid, like spinach, might bind with calcium and make it less absorbable. This is why, on their own, leafy greens won't get you enough calcium, as your body can't absorb most of the calcium in them. 

Should vitamin D be taken with calcium supplements?

It is essential to supplement calcium with vitamin D for the best results. For proper calcium absorption, your body requires vitamin D taken together. Calcium and vitamin D dosage recommendations change with age as the elderly require a higher dose. 


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